What are your rates?

My rates are flexible and depend on the nature of the project, the amount of work it requires, whether you have support from a label or not, etc. It is my priority to ffind and propose the fairest rate to everyone!

What gear do you use?

My gear isn't on the website. If you think your project is such that it requires to rely on a specific set of equipment or plugins, please let me know!

Can I have a free test mix?

If we have never worked together before and my schedule allows for this, yes!

Do you master tracks you have mixed yourself?

No, I usually don't. My humble opinon is that the best practice is to have your tracks mastered by a new set of ears. If I mix your tracks, I will be very happy to recommend extremely talented mastering engineers!

How many revisions do I get?

You get as many revisions as you want, taking into account a reasonable turnaround time, and up to a certain deadline that we will set together at the start of the project! In most scenarios, not much more that 3-4 revisions are necessary for artists to be 100% happy.

Can I attend mixing/mastering sessions?

Unfortunately not at this point!

I need to send you some files for mixing. What software do you use and what format do you expect to receive?

I use Reaper. If you also use Reaper, you should be able to send me full sessions. If you don't, then you should consolidate you tracks and export them to wav files at the sample rate and bit depth of recording. I can of course help you to do this remotely. In practice, I will then invite you to send me your tracks through Wetransfer, using an e-mail adress that will be provided to you in due time.

Do you own a personal recording space?

No I don't. I can record you at the location of your choice with my gear, or at the studio of your choice. On request, I can also help finding a studio for hosting our session in the Lyon area, in France.

In which geographical area do you operate?

No geographical limit!

Who are your favourite engineers/producers?

Tim Smith, Chris Sheldon, Sylvia Massy, Steven Wilson, Steve Albini, Alan Parsons, Dave Bottrill, Brian Eno, Phil Collins (eh oui), Quincy Jones, among others.

For CD masters, can you create DDP Images?


I need to send you files for mastering, are there any guidelines and which file format do you expect to receive?

If you have worked in the box, you should bounce your sessions to frequency and bit depth that were used for recording, do not attempt any conversion :-). For general guidelines : it is sufficient to remove any final limiter on your master bus while making sure there is no clipping, and we should be good to go!